We are the only company in Austin, TX to handle all aspects of remodeling from design, to supply, to install.

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Kitchen Remodel Service Austin, TX

CCF is the only provider of kitchen remodeling in Austin that handles all aspects of the remodel. From the initial design phase to supplying superior quality materials, and through the meticulous installation process, we are with you every step of the way to ensure your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

Why Choose CCF for Your Kitchen Remodel?

  • All-in-One Solution: We handle all aspects of your kitchen remodel, making us the one-stop shop for homeowners across Austin.
  • High-End Cabinets: Offering a diverse range of durable kitchen and bathroom cabinets, from stock options to custom designs, crafted from premium materials such as wood, metal, and glass to perfectly complement your space.
  • Luxurious Countertops: Explore our vast selection of kitchen countertops, including the exquisite quartzite and engineered quartz, presenting a palette of colors and styles to match your unique aesthetic.
  • Premium Flooring Options: Elevate the look and feel of your home with our high-quality flooring selections, including engineered wood, luxury vinyl plank, and porcelain & ceramic tiles, designed for durability and visual appeal.

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel: Budgeting, Layout, and Design Considerations

Kitchen remodeling in Austin is a process that intertwines creativity with precision, ensuring the heart of the home is not just functional but also a reflection of personal taste. Our planning phase is crucial and begins with setting a budget, which will influence every decision from layout changes to material selections.

It’s advisable to consider the work triangle—sink, stove, and refrigerator placement—for efficiency and engage in meticulous measurement to ensure fit and function. This stage also involves choosing a cohesive design theme that aligns your home’s aesthetic and your Austin home’s overall style.

The Kitchen Remodeling in Austin Process

From Demolition to Completion

Once the planning is solidified, the build process commences, starting with demolition and removal of the old kitchen components. This phase will require some scheduling, especially if structural changes or significant electrical and plumbing modifications are part of the plan.

Our team ensures quality craftsmanship, and regular communication can help mitigate any unforeseen issues that arise. Installation of cabinets, countertops, and flooring follows, requiring attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Lastly, appliances are placed, and finishing touches are added, culminating in a transformed space that is both beautiful and functional, ready to host years of cooking, gathering, and making memories.

Kitchen Remodeling In Austin
Kitchen Remodel Cabinets


We offer RTA cabinets for easy installation, semi-custom cabinets for personalized style, and custom cabinets for a unique, tailored look.

Kitchen Remodel Countertops


We provide quartz countertops for durability and elegance, and quartzite countertops for natural beauty and exceptional strength.

Kitchen Remodel Flooring


We feature several flooring options like engineered wood for timeless appeal and stability, LVP flooring for high durability and water resistance, and ceramic tile flooring for easy maintenance and a variety of styles.

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    Our Core Values

    What Makes CCF Stand Out As Austin Remodelers


    We build lasting relationships with our clients through reliable and transparent communication.


    We provide straightforward advice and clear estimates, ensuring there are no surprises.



    We uphold the highest ethical standards in every project, delivering on our promises.


    We are dedicated to exceptional customer service, treating your home with care and respect.


    Kitchen Remodeling in Austin

    What should I know before starting a kitchen remodel in Austin?

    When planning your kitchen layout, assess the workflow—how you move between appliances and workspaces while cooking. Space usage is crucial; maximize functionality in the available area by considering the size and placement of cabinets and islands.

    What are the key considerations when selecting materials for a kitchen remodel?

    Choose materials that balance durability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, and budget. For countertops, we recommend quartz countertops because it offers longevity and ease of cleaning. Flooring should withstand high traffic and potential moisture, like ceramic tile or hardwood. Cabinetry should be both functional and stylistic, with a focus on build quality to withstand daily use.

    How does the kitchen remodeling process work from start to finish?

    The remodeling process generally starts with a consultation to discuss needs and preferences, followed by a design phase to create a plan and visualize the end result. After finalizing the design, demolition of the old kitchen takes place, then construction of the new design begins. This includes installing new flooring, cabinets, and appliances. The kitchen remodeling in Austin process concludes with a final walkthrough to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.

    Are there Austin-specific trends in kitchen design I should consider?

    In Austin, there’s a trend towards sustainable materials and smart home technology. Designs often incorporate open spaces with natural light, and there’s a preference for durable materials that can handle the heat and humidity typical of our area.

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